$25 at Goodwill – Project One- $2 Upcycled Bohemian Bracelets

I love creating. I love thrifting. I love to upcycle things.

When I was asked by my awesome friend from Goodwill Industries of Alberta to spend $25 at a local Goodwill store and post about my purchases, I jumped at the offer. This is something that is right up my alley…and a perfect way to kick off the blog portion of my new website.

I decided that instead of just buying one or two things, I would try to see HOW far I could stretch $25 and break that up over several posts on projects and/finds.
To start things off, here is a super fun + simple way to take some old, possibly rusty metal bangles you might find at your local Goodwill (which by the way is a fantastic place to support), and give them a fun makeover.

To do this you will need:

~ Thrifted metal or plastic bracelets from your local thrift shop (I got mine at the West Edmonton location).


~ A glue gun

~ Scrap ribbon, yarn, or fabric. I used new and vintage fabric scraps I had- which gave things a nice, textured look.



If you have skinny scrap fabric or are using yarn or ribbon, you’re good to go! If you’re cutting from a larger piece of fabric, just cut a strip (any size will do- but I use about 1/4″ width).


Now take your glue gun and put a small dab on the bracelet you wish to cover, and press your fabric onto it, and start to wrap it, slightly overlapping the fabric each time your pass through the bracelet.


Continue to weave and overlap your fabric around the bracelet until you’re done. Trim any excess fabric and take the end of the fabric strip and glue it- VOILA! You have a brand new bracelet, one that your friend’s will swear you paid good money for at some ultra hip + overpriced store.



See? The possibilities are endless…eye candy! LOOK AT ALL THE PRETTY COLOURS!



(^^ *thanks again for the AMAZING barn wood decorative box Alyssa- see it can double as a photo backdrop too- MIND BLOWN*)

This set will actually be for my super rad 6 year old daughter. She’s going to love them! But you can bet your shiny boots I’ll be making many, many more for myself!

WASN’T THAT SIMPLE FRIENDS? Thrifting = GOOD. Paying retail = UN-GOOD- seriously don’t, you’ll make me cry if you do 😉

Total cost from Goodwill: $2.00 (Goodwill doesn’t charge tax) for a set of interlinked metal bangles.
Other supplies cost: ZERO – I just used scrap fabric I had on hand.
Time spent: 30 minutes for 10 bracelets.
Budget remaining from original $25.00 to spend at Goodwill: $23.00

Thank you so much for checking out my post! Be sure to check in soon for Part 2 of my “$25 At Goodwill” series.

~ Now Go Forth and Make Something Good!

Leah 🙂

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