$25 at Goodwill – Project Two – $3 Distressed Candlesticks

Hello Everyone!

Here is the second post/project of my $25 at Goodwill series. If you’re just joining me now, I posted another project earlier this week, and you can find that here. In a nutshell I was recently asked to spend $25 at Goodwill, and decided it would be super fun to try to see how far I could stretch that money.

To do this project you’ll need:

-Paint (latex or chalk paint- it’s entirely up to you and the look you’re going for). Such as this:


-A paint brush (If you really want to use your fingers, who am I to crush those dreams?)

– Low-grit sandpaper

-Thrifted candlesticks or candle holders. This project will also work with a single candlestick- you don’t have to be like me and only work in plurals, the single candlesticks of the world NEED LOVE TOO!
Um, *ahem* I got these babies for $3 for the set at the West Edmonton Goodwill location.



First, take your Excellent Thrifted Candlestick of Magic + Triumph, and clean it off. Some of these might have dust, rust, or chipped paint. The ones I got are metal (and decently heavy).

Now stir your paint. Because NOBODY want’s clumpy paint. If you are using chalk paint- same deal. If you don’t have chalk paint but would like to try your hand at making some of your own, my fabulous friend The DIY Mommy has a pretty rockin’ recipe for chalk paint that you can find here.




And then let it DRY BABY DRY! I used left over Paris Grey paint, so it dried in about 5 minutes- no joke…


Once you are happy with your paint coverage, and it’s dry, and IF your wish is to go for a more rustic, distressed look, grab that sandpaper and go to town! There are no rules here. Well perhaps there are, but I’m sort of a rebel, and don’t really follow rules, certainly not ones pertaining to sandpaper.



Now you can be done, or after blowing away the scraped off paint dust you *could* finish with a coat of poly or wax- but again, I didn’t. It felt done. It’s super important to follow your heart.


Now, find the best place ever to display these…

On your mantel:


On your turquoise chair with an awesome enhancing filter:


On your back porch, in the cold, October rain:


On your pedestal table that is screaming to be painted:


Anywhere you feel like placing your “Did you buy those at Pottery Barn?” works of art is a major WIN!

Oh, and light a candle- because ROMANCE.

Easy, peasy, lemon-squeezy. Yeah, I said it. Somewhere my Kindergarten teacher is VERY proud of me.



Total cost from Goodwill: $3.00 (Goodwill doesn’t charge tax) for a set of dusty, metal, somewhat chipped candlesticks.
Other supplies cost: ZERO – I just used the leftover paint I had.
Time spent: 25 minutes for 2 candlesticks.
Budget remaining from original $25.00 to spend at Goodwill: $20.00

Thank you so much for checking out my post filled with oddity straight from the heart. Be sure to check in soon for Part 3 of my “$25 At Goodwill” series.

~ Now Go Forth and Make Something Good! Oh, and have a SPOOKTACULAR HALLOWEEN 2014- Enjoy all those Elsa costumes! 😉 One of which will be our little 6 year old.


^^ She’s been sick away from school ALL week and finally the doctor gave her the green light to go to school for the day (and it’s Halloween). Needless to say she was a tad eager to get into her costume BEFORE lunch!

Leah 🙂

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