Geocaching at Riverlot 56 – St. Albert

One of our family’s favourite activities to do (especially during the pandemic) is Geocaching.

My son K and I on the trails.

What is Geocaching you ask? Well in fun terms it’s a modern day treasure hunting game/activity. You download the app onto your phone (there is a free version, or a paid version-which unlocks extra “caches”). You use GPS (on your phone) to hide and seek containers (caches-short for geocaches) with other participants in the activity all around the world. You log the cache as Found if you find it or DNF (did not find) if you didn’t have any luck- don’t worry though, you can always come back to try it again. The more you Geocache, the more you realize how globally enjoyed this activity truly is. We’ve actually met some amazing people visiting from around the world this way, and it never gets old!

Caches come in all sizes. Some are large enough that you can trade small items for, others are so small that only the tiniest scroll of paper that is rolled up inside (to sign and log your find) can fit.

Massive cache.
Ammo can

One of our newest favourite places to Geocache in Alberta in the #YEG area is in St. Albert. There’s a reason why this city is known for it’s botanical arts and gardens and parks, and those very parks make for endless opportunities to find and hide geocaches.
One such place that we love to go on hikes is Riverlot 56. So we were pleasantly surprised to see several geocaches hidden there to check out on our most recent visit.

Riverlot 56 Natural Area

Here’s a few more photos of our adventures that day!

Hidden all around you.


I hope you decide to check out this area (tip- also amazing in the winter for cross country skiing). Let me know if you find any caches! Oh, and beware the Muggles- non Geocache folk 😉 and use discretion when removing and replacing your treasure.


Happy Adventuring!


~ Leah

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