Hiking around #YEG and Area (Trails #6 – #10)

Welcome Back to the Blog guys. In this post I’m going to continue highlighting some of my favourite trails to adventure at in #YEG and area. If you missed my last post with trails #1 – #5  you can find that here: www.whimsicalelements.ca/hiking-around-yeg-and-area-trails-1-5

Otherwise I’m going to continue on with more trails , in the hope that I can prove to you that there is ALWAYS more to discover and explore in your own back yard (or within an hour of it anyways 😉




Trail #6- Prospector’s Point Day Use Area and Trail along the North Saskatchewan River near Devon, AB (2.1 km)


(River look out point, loop trail, access to river (think gold panning) AND access to Devonian Trail AND Shhhhh…..Cotton Tail Corner).


Prospector’s Point Trail is a loop trail and Day Use Area along the North Saskatchewan River and is an absolutely beautiful place to access the river and just take the view in. It’s one of the only places in the River Valley system that you can access the river directly, so it’s perfect for canoeing, trying your hand at gold panning, or simply skipping rocks.  It’s also the access point to the trail head to the new Devonian Trail, and if you’re feeling more adventurous, the little known Cotton Tail Corner (FYI- not kid friendly, turns into a “clothing optional” trail and beach- but more on that later;)

If you haven’t been to this area, then you should definitely check it out!


Here are a few more pics of the area:


I love graffiti and all street art.


The beautiful North Saskatchewan River


Feel like checking out Prospector’s Point Day Use Area and Trail? Check out the info here:



Trail #7- Devonian Trail, near Devon, AB (6km)


Devonian Trail is a hike in, hike out, point to point trail with views of the North Saskatchewan River and connects up with Prospector’s Point and will lead to the University of Alberta Botanic Gardens.
It’s a nice trail to take but the fact that you have to turn around to come back the way you came, might be a negative for some. It’s still worth a visit, and might be a fun way to get to the Gardens.


Here are a couple more pictures:

If you want to visit the Devonian Trail or check out the points of interest along the way, here’s the info:



Trail #8- Devon Voyageur Park/Legs of Fire Stairs/Devon Trail System – Devon, AB

When in Devon, you definitely want to check out Devon Voyageur Park, which offers great views and access to the river, picnic areas, trails to walk on, and one heckuva skills bike park! Follow a trail along the river until you reach the Legs of Fire Stairs,  which offers a very scenic pathway via a set of stairs embedded on the valley wall- ALLLLL the way up. And yes, your legs will burn like they are on fire- it’s a pretty serious work out, but the views are completely worth it.

Here’s a few pics, first of Devon Voyageur Park:



Continuing down the trail towards the Legs of Fire Stairs



Once you go back down the stairs you can continue along the riverbank and Devon trail system which consists of 10 different trail areas (including the stairs) :

  1. Carrigana Lane
  2. Servold’s Trail
  3. Discovery Trail
  4. Hoodoo Hill
  5. Roots & Ruts Trail
  6. Beaver Loop & Trail
  7. Legs of Fire Stairs
  8. Wye Birch Trail & Ravine
  9. Pileated Woodpecker Trail
  10. S-Run Trail

You can spend hours exploring Devon, and it’ll definitely take more than one visit, but that’s half the fun!!!

Want to plan some day trips? Here’s the info:


And you can find detailed info for the trail system in the town Visitor Guide :



Trail #9- Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area (Trail #3 Woodland Lookout) Parkland County

Walking with Coco

To access Trail #3 (which is the hardest trail at Chickakoo- and the longest) you need to take part of Trail #1 and Trail #2. The reason this trail is the toughest apart form the length, which really is only 3.47km, is because of ALL of the hills. These trails are used a lot by cross country skiers and people who enjoy dog sledding- you can certainly tell. Do not attempt this trail if you don’t want to climb up and down a LOT of steep inclines and descents. That said it is the best for getting your heart going the most!


Here are some pics from the fall. It was VERY muddy. Went with a friend and her pup, and had a great time!

You can see one of the huge hills declining. The mud makes it extra challenging.

After a windstorm you’ll often find fallen trees/debris.
Aftermath. So much mud!

Want to check out Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area? Scroll to the bottom of this post (at the end of Trail #10) for the info!


Trail #10- Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area (Trail #4- Cranberry Corner) Parkland County


This one is my most favourite trails to take with the family. Pretty laid back, and is considered an intermediate trail. Like the other 2 you will have to go on parts of trail #1 and #2 to access it, UNLESS you take the path directly from the parking lot (which is in a different side area from the main trail head), and honestly it’s much nicer to start at the beginning. It’s a beautiful trail that backs onto some meadows (you’ll notice some amazing fencing along the property line- this is actually the Junior Forest Warden’s 16 Acres of land). It’s tranquil and oh so picturesque.


Here are some pics:


Always ready with his hot chocolate.

Want to visit Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area? Once again here’s the info:


And for your convenience, here’s the PDF link to the map:


Thank you so much for checking out my 2nd post in this series. Check out my 3rd one for trails #11-15!


Adventure Awaits!



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