Coconut Lemon Sugar Scrub

Whether it’s the holidays, a friend’s birthday, or just because you want to do something nice for yourself because let’s be honest, none of us do that half as much as we should, you need to try out this simple recipe for a GOOD hand scrub/moisturizer- and the best thing about it is that you likely have all or most of what you need already in your home.

This scrub is SO easy to make and will leave your hands feeling soft and hydrated. It SMELLS amazing (and yummy) and makes a great gift! Also, try not to eat some. I dare you.


What you’ll need:


-Lemon essential oil (I bought some organic stuff from Winners- feel free to choose any scent you like, but the lemon is amazing)

-Olive oil (2 TBSP)

-Sugar (1 cup)

-Coconut Oil (I get the big one from Costco- also organic) (1/3 cup)

-Mason Jars with lids or really whatever container you want to put it in, but who doesn’t like a mason jar, honestly?

I bought mine at Canadian Tire. They are adorable.



-Soften coconut oil in the microwave for around 15 seconds- you want it soft, not completely melted

-Mix coconut oil in with sugar and olive oil. Once that’s mixed, add 15-20 drops of essential oil

-Spoon your finished scrub into your jars and label with a tag and some twine and a label on top OR cut a square or circle of some seasonal or vintage fabric to lay over the lid and twist into place. The possibilities are really endless, but I love a more simple/rustic look for things like this.

And VOILA! You’ve got a super useful, super cute, homemade/handmade gift and you didn’t have to spend $20 on it from a fancy shop!



Use as often as you want, and make a fresh batch every 3-4 months. I made 30 of these- yup, you read that right- 30 of these as gifts for an advent calendar exchange I did with friends and as an added little extra with the teacher’s gifts.

I also now keep one in the kitchen and one in the master bath because you know, you can never treat yo’self enough!


Happy Scrub Making!










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