Hey! I’m Leah, and I’m kind of a wanderer. Kind of a hot mess, kind of organized. Kind of lost, kind of found. Kind of old, kind of young.

I love to explore and I love to create. I love to go and I love to stay. I’ve found it nearly impossible to commit to one or the other, so I’m constantly (and I’ve now accepted), forever to be a hybrid of both. The ultimate extraverted introvert.

Whimsical Elements was first inspired by my grandmother who raised me and taught me to sew + craft at an early age. When my daughter was born in 2009, I knew this was the prefect creative outlet for me. When my son was born in 2011, I knew I had to make some fun things for him as well. It’s been so fun to see my little company grow + change over the years. Now it exists primarily in the form of a little Etsy shop and some wholesale, with my trade show producing and attending shows behind me it seems- but with modern outlets,  I’m still able to make and send out little rays of magic on a global level- and that is really enough. It’s manageable. It’s flexible. And ultimately gives me a lot of extra freedom.

I also love to write, about nothing really in particular, or perhaps about a fun project or story I’d like to share with you. Or sometimes I just want to share with people some of the amazing places I’ve discovered, or little tips I’ve found out through trial and error. Or maybe I just like the feeling of typing and the grounding that brings, even if it’s not profound.

So if you’re up for a mish mosh of whatever my mind is up for on a given week. Feel free to follow along. I’m never quite sure what I’ll be moved to share or create, but I know I’m still not done yet!

Happy Adventuring and Making and Travelling and Getting Lost in Trees.

~ Leah